Inspire your Life with Workshops at Finca Exotica
Our mission at Finca Exotica is to create conditions that stimulate visitors to transform their lifestyle by providing a novel experience that integrates conservation, harmony with our natural surroundings and a healthy collaborative approach to relationships. This year we have begun offering free workshops on transformational topics that are introducing new paradigms. On December 31st
Finca Exotica invites you to join our chefs in learning new delicious gluten
Finca Exotica invites you to join our chefs in learning new delicious gluten-free recipes. We are interested in constantly improving the nutritional value and health of the food we serve. Thus, we have invited an expert in gluten-free baking to teach us new techniques and creative combinations of ingredients for cookies, cakes, pancakes, muffins, the
What better way to enjoy your time in Costa Rica than in the tropical jungle beach Paradise of Finca Exotica Eco Lodge! Being a tropical paradise surrounded by sun and sea, the lifestyle is casual, relaxed and about enjoying life. So when you’re here, indulge in our tropical lifestyle by getting out and seeing the
Literally translating as “pure life”, if there were an official national motto of Costa Rica, this is probably it. At the end of your trip seeing the wonder of its places and its people, it will be your new favorite expression. Pura Vida is a saying that identifies a Costa Rican wherever he or she
As we have seen, ecological tourism or ecotourism is a new alternative to conventional mass tourism. It is an approach to tourism activities in which preference is given to sustainability, preservation and appreciation of the environment, both natural and economic and social. Because of its height, ecotourism became the fastest-growing and most dynamic global tourism
The society in which we live and the pace of life imposed on us makes it hard to become aware of ourselves, of our life. To savor every moment becomes a challenge when we are continually pushed to avoid exceeding the “system”. We live most of the time without realizing that we live. The automation
Overall, our life consists of different areas that complement and reinforce each other to balance within a highly dynamic process. Often, we occupy most of our time to just a few valuables while not giving due consideration to the others, which can lead to consequences for our physical and mental health. We live in a
The inner harmony is the balance in our life, calm, peace and quiet even amist the bustle. Many people crave harmony in their lives but they do not know what it means or have no idea of ​​how to achieve and justify that the world no longer allows us to be harmonious. But the truth
Finca Exotica´s sustainability for the environment is paramount in all of our daily practices, preserve our paradise is of vital importance to us. Why? Because we are located in Playa Carate, Osa Peninsula, just four kilometers from the majestic Corcovado National Park, and the following article will explain why this area is considered a paradise!
As a thoughtful and responsible traveler, there are several things you can do before, during and after your trip to ensure that the experience is in line with the values ​​of “ecotourism”, as well as minimize your impact on the host country. It is much easier just to go on holiday as a regular tourist,