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Costa Rica has developed a name for itself that responds almost naturally to what it can offer tourists. It is also the motto of all Costa Ricans: Pura Vida (translating literally as ‘Pura Life’). With this saying in mind, you may possibly get a good idea of the incredible adventures and plans available for those
Our mission at Finca Exotica is to create conditions that stimulate visitors to transform their lifestyle by providing a novel experience that integrates conservation, harmony with our natural surroundings and a healthy collaborative approach to relationships. This year we have begun offering free workshops on transformational topics that are introducing new paradigms. On December 31st
Now that you have decided to take your first retreat, we want to share one of the most effective practices of relaxation and internalization that you will experience in your new lifestyle. Meditation. Many things in life are beyond our control, the purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind and provide peaceful space amid

A conscious lifestyle

The society in which we live and the pace of life imposed on us makes it hard to become aware of ourselves, of our life. To savor every moment becomes a challenge when we are continually pushed to avoid exceeding the “system”. We live most of the time without realizing that we live. The automation
Finca Exotica´s sustainability for the environment is paramount in all of our daily practices, preserve our paradise is of vital importance to us. Why? Because we are located in Playa Carate, Osa Peninsula, just four kilometers from the majestic Corcovado National Park, and the following article will explain why this area is considered a paradise!
Overall, our life consists of different areas that complement and reinforce each other to balance within a highly dynamic process. Often, we occupy most of our time to just a few valuables while not giving due consideration to the others, which can lead to consequences for our physical and mental health. We live in a


The spiritual path is a personal decision, something beyond knowledge. It is acquired reading and conducting research-an internal discovery that accelerates or slows as the events of our lives unfold. Did you know that spirituality is one of the simple practices for humans? All you need is to define your personal concept of spirituality and
Finca Exotica eco lodge will give you the experience of ecotourism, which the majority of people who visit us do. We invite you to be part of this great community, and in this article we give a short explanation on what practices constitute real ecotourism. What is ecotourism? Among the different forms of tourism, eco-tourism