In Costa Rica there is no winter: the Envision Festival 2019 arrives!

In Costa Rica there is no winter, there are no extreme temperatures, there is no cold. In Costa Rica what you are waiting for a paradise. A paradise that already heats up engines for the 2019 edition of the Envision Festival, so I ran, which is about to start the best time of the year.

Envision Festival tradition

It is already tradition to start the year in peace, tranquility, harmony and the connection of Envision Festival. The 2019 will be its ninth edition, loaded with the same doses of good vibes, relaxation and good weather. away from the cold north. The perfect paradise for you and yours.

As you already know, Envision Festival is one of the largest transitional festivals in Central America renowned throughout the area. It’s about a five-day music adventure that … transcends much beyond that.

Because Envision Festival is more than just a music or party event. It is a famous experience because it is one of those that change lives.

Envision is a utopia that seeks to become a reality in Uvita. For that reason they execute it through the coexistence between art, music and nature. Here you come to connect with the water, the trees and the Costa Rican cultural wealth. This is how Envision shows the world that there are different ways of living in the world.

They are four days full of art. With the Pacific Ocean ahead and peace and good vibes all around. a spot in which human and nature will become one. That is the Envision philosophy. And we know that also yours.

Spirituality, music and community

Inspired by the renowned Burning Man, Envision Festival is a unique encounter that changes the interior to more than one. This vibes, which began in 2010 at Dominical Beach, has received more than 6 thousand travelers each year. People from all over the world who come to Costa Rica to enjoy the best of nature, meditation, good music and the community.

On the official website of Envision Festival, you can see that its objectives are very clear. This is an event that connects spirituality, movement, health and sustainability, with the best of music and art as only the Costa Rican Pacific can do.

Currently, Envision Festival takes place in the community of Uvita, in the Costa Rican canton of Quepos. In this way, in addition to enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of the area, you can connect with the most idiosyncratic of the surrounding communities and experience first hand, the pure Costa Rican life.

The program has a Lineupsuper loaded with good vibes and chill, that you can not miss: good music from different regions of the globe, teachers in yoga and restorative and relaxation sessions and incredible workshops that make this experience that spectacular moment that, as they all say, change lives.

In addition, the great event will offer yoga classes and talks with professionals in different fields. Do not wait any longer and tell God to the cold of the north, the Costa Rican paradise awaits you, at its best.

With Envision and much more to enjoy… and in the area there is a lot to help you make the experience complete and perfect.

The perfect after

Obviously, you will not come to Costa Rica for only five days. The trip to the Central American paradise has to be enjoyed as it should be: with its good weather. That is why we are going to give you the option so that, if you are already very convinced to get the most out of the Envision Festival experience, you end up with the top stop, in the most spectacular thing that the south of the Costa Rican Pacific has for you.

The south of Uvita, home of the Envision Festival, approximately 3 and a half hours from the venue of the event, is located the paradise on earth: the Osa Peninsula. A spectacular site without the winter cold, the stress of daily life and your responsibilities. Here everything is set aside in the midst of the most paradisiacal nature you can imagine. That paradise is here.

Can you imagine it after the good vibes of the Envision Festival? We do, and that’s why we invite you and here we wait for you, at Finca Exóticaa Exolodge, next to the  third best National Park in the World: the Corcovado National Park.

Here you will have everything you need to connect with yourself. All that good vibes with which you will leave the Envision Festival will turn into well-being in Finca Exótica Ecolodge.

Complete well-being

We live, we enjoy and we share the vision with all of you: our philosophy is to be for you the perfect place in which to connect with nature; that is why, last year at Envision Festival 2018 we participate and shared our experience in the “New Paradigm Living” talks organiced by NUMUNDO.

We offer you an experience that will change your life forever. We want you to take the Envision Festival much further and that is why we want you to enjoy the best of Pacifico in your heart. And that heart is, definitely, what the Osa Peninsula has for you.

In our magnificent rooms you can directly contact nature and also enjoy the best meditation techniques. With yoga sessions for the most traditional and the best and most professional natural ceremonies, for those who wish to take it to another level, Finca Exotica offers you the complete experience. Because Costa Rica is completely a paradise and here we will show you how much it is like that.

Take advantage and live the best experience of your life completely and contact us!  If you are looking for a perfect place, away from everyday stress, we are waiting for you here. Take advantage of these dates to take it to the next level.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you to our house and give you support in everything you need.

*Andrea Mora Journalist, copywriter and traveler in love with the Osa Peninsula, the best place in all of Costa Rica. You can  find more information at