Wedding ceremony on the beach next to Corcovado


Wedding packages and events at Costa Rica’s rainforest

At Finca Exotica rainforest and beach eco lodge we can host your wedding, seminar, conference, workshop or retreat. We have an unique location and facilities, along with years of experience and the desire to help you have the greatest wedding, birthday party, yoga retreat, music concert, theatrical performance, permaculture, gardening or cooking class, art workshop, or other. Whether you want to carve a Tiki or host a beauty workshop, let us know so we can be ready with supplies when you are inspired to be creative. We welcome any size group up to 24 people, and are always ready to spontaneously organize a workshop. You can schedule a private retreat or allow your event to be open to visiting customers. If you are planning a retreat we request your group be at least 10 people. Please Contact Us for availability and details.