Retreats in Costa Rica offer the opportunity to be truly immersed in a beautiful, thriving natural environment. 

Guarded in the heart of the jungle, Finca Exotica has grown out of a desire to bring people together and inspire an evolution towards a healthier, more conscious way of living.

With the healing energy of ocean and rainforest combined with our impeccably designed facilities and warm, welcoming family, we have all the elements you need for your event to unfold seamlessly.

We maintain an ideal environment to disconnect from your regular, busy lives and reconnect deeply to yourself, nature, and the people around you. We regularly host retreats based on yoga, sound healings, massage and plant medicines such as cacao. We also host weddings and simple group reunions!

If you´re looking to host your next event in Costa Rica, look no further! We will be honored to welcome you into our home and support you in every way we can. Please contact us to arrange dates or ask any further questions.

Below you can see a list of future and past events.