An unforgettable place ...

Our mission at Finca Exotica is to create conditions that stimulate visitors to transform their lifestyle by providing a novel experience that integrates conservation, harmony with our natural surroundings and a healthy collaborative approach to relationships. This year we have begun offering free workshops on transformational topics that are introducing new paradigms.

On December 31st we held an art-nature workshop after lunch so everyone could create masks out of leaves, flowers and other scavenged items from the gardens for the evening’s festivities. Then our on-site yoga and massage maven, Jodi, offered a ceremony on the beach at sunset around a bonfire to release old energies and vibrations and welcome in new ones for 2017. The group manifested a vibe of motivation and hope for what the New Year would bring.

In February two transformation enthusiasts offered practices to guests through different mediums. In mid-February, Santosha invited guests to experience deep relaxation using an All Welcome frame. She collaborated with Jodi offering iRest yoga nidra at the end of daily yoga classes in addition to sessions after lunch and dinner that included some artwork and dancing. Guests were extremely appreciative of the encouragement towards being rather than doing while on vacation with the seed planted to go home with their nervous systems recalibrated and a renewed aperture for relaxation.

A few days later Eugenia arrived to share the Hero’s Journey workshop where participants received a map of how transformation may look in their lives…Joseph Campbell actually researched many ancient and current civilizations and found that the mythology of every single one followed this same pattern. Having this frame of reference, we explored ways of accessing the lenses we all see the world through and noticing that there is something beyond those lenses that is more Universal and infinite. Everyone walked away with a clearer concept of ways in which transformation can seep into our lives and give us subtle indications of which path to follow. Or, if we ignore those signs, it can come in and shake our foundations to the core, at which point we are incapable of maintaining the same paradigms and may enter into the dark night of the soul.

Eugenia then shared a workshop on non-violent communication with both guests and employees, reorganizing the way we all approach interactions with family, friends, co-workers and everyone we encounter. Non-violent communication helps us cultivate compassion for others while expressing ourselves assertively with honesty, empathy and confidence.

While planning workshops we send emails to all guests who will be arriving during those dates with the details. If you will be visiting and already know you would be interested in receiving inspiration to take home in this form, let us know ;)