The literal translation of Finca Exotica is ´Exotica Farm´. Since we have planted thousands of trees, including over 125 different species of fruit trees, we thought the name was fitting!

The organic farm surrounding the hotel is planted with over 100 species of fruit trees, including 15 different species of bananas and plantains, several species of tubers, 3 root varieties in the ginger family, lemongrass, katuk (a green full of nutrients and chlorophyll), cranberry hibiscus, gotu kola, tropical spinach, arugula and much more. As the menu blends elements of Thai, Indian, Ayurvedic and Tico cooking, every day a new ingredient is presented on the table. Upon arrival we suggest guests to take the Garden tour, as it awakens the senses to the surroundings, introduces people to the exotic fare they will be consuming and reveals the grounds’ hidden treasures.

Costa Rica has become known for its niche market of ecotourism and nature adventure vacations for various reasons, one of which is the Costa Rican governments programs. Although Finca Exotica lauds the efforts to develop a sustainable industry that protects the natural resources of the country, we have chosen to focus on our on the ground efforts and go beyond the standards. Our certification comes from expert employees and guest commentaries noting our back to basics approach that is the foundation for sustainable living.
What sets Finca Exotica apart is its location, organic farm, distinctive architecture and exotic food. But, more than that, is its dedication to not only offer a sustainable adventure vacation but the possibility for a life-altering journey set in an inspirational ambiance that begs the question – what is really important?

While Guanacaste has exploded with massive tourism and the social problems that come with it, Carate is still tucked away at a distance that protects its unique character. The isolation of this ecolodge still allows guests to walk out onto the beach day or night and find they have it to themselves; spot monkeys, anteaters and tapirs moving past their cabins; and delve into the peace unearthed only in a remote jungle location.

The full moon party tradition began 5 years ago and we continue it to this day. Starting the project with agriculture, we have always followed moon cycles. The parties are a way to share this reverence for natural rhythms with guests. As we love good music and enjoy jamming as well, we integrate music, exotic food and bonfires into the mix.

Yes, the deserted beach in front of the hotel has provided a memorable setting for several beach weddings. In fact, the couple from the first wedding we hosted returned last year for their anniversary. We help couples arrange all of the legal administration, provide bouquets fresh from the gardens, serve up a specialized feast and help them celebrate in style.

Finca Exotica aims to be the place where people can turn off, tune out and immerse. We hope that the enthralling nature experience at every turn will be the occasion of people completely forgetting any need to use electronic devices. However, as the modern day traveler demands access to a form of communication, we offer free wi-fi between 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Tiki Tents are small crafted jungle tents that evoke a mixture of images between family camping trips and exotic tiki adventures on an isolated island. They are placed on elevated bamboo platforms with an overhead hand-thatched roof and a deck to sit outside and ponder life’s mysteries. The tents are speckled around the blooming gardens, providing a great opportunity to view animals feeding on the fruit trees and quick access to the beach. The small tents are designed to fit 2 people very comfortably and guests share one of several communal bathrooms located within very close range.