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Sustainable Farming on our Organic Garden

When we started in 2002, Finca Exotica was made of only a small chicken coop, a shade house nursery and open areas previously occupied by cattle. The garden was naked, barren land. Once used to graze cattle to feed workers of the booming gold mining industry, most of the soils nutrients were leached, leaving it unable to grow anything at all. The tireless efforts of our gardeners have proven that with a little love, care and compost this soil, the grounds here can produce an abundance of fruits, root vegetables, herbs, spices and more. Our organic garden provides not only for ourselves, but a diverse array of wildlife that call our trees, bushes and grounds home!

The property, over 90 hectares in size, is home to both primary and secondary forest. We are now home to over 1200 trees, 130 varieties of tropical fruits, a wide variety of bamboo (for construction), herbs, medicinal plants, greens for salads, and more. We are now able to offer organically grown fruits and vegetables, and cure the occasional sunburn with our own Aloe Vera. This has always been one of the main objectives at Finca Exotica: to continuously move towards self-sufficiency.

Continuously Evolving Permaculture

The Finca Exotica organic garden, cultivated for over 14 years, is a natural extension of the untouched forest all around. You may not even realize you are there until your guide tells you! A sanctuary for botanists and nature lovers, these gardens are a continuous work in progress that now incorporate biodynamic techniques and constant input from a wide-variety of organic philosophies. We make our own compost from kitchen left-overs, leaves and cow manure from the neighbors. This is an important addition to our biodynamic preparations, microorganisms, natural insecticides (like hot chili peppers mixed with garlic, lemongrass, vinegar and alcohol) and fungicides (like calcium carbonate).

Come wander with our guide on one of our garden tours through the landscaped paths blooming with exotic ornamental and fruit trees, spices, herbs and medicinal plants. You will go away with a new appreciation for our green friends and perhaps a cure for what ails you!

Binomial name Spanish nameEnglish name
Cocos nuciferaCocoCoconut
Bactris gasipaesPejibayePejibaye
Ananas comosusPiñaPineapple
Musa acuminataBananoBanana
Annona cherimolaAnonaCherimoya
Annona muricataGuanábanaSoursop
Chrysobalanus icacoIcacoIcaco
Averrhoa carambolaCarambolaStarfruit
Averrhoa bilimbiMimbroMimbro
Citrus sppCítricosCitric Fruits
Mangifera indicaMangoMango
Anacardium occidentaleMarañónCashew
Nephelium lappaceumMamón chinoRambután
Garcinia mangostanaMangostánMangosteen
Carica papayaPapayaPapaya
Psidium guajavaGuayabaGuava
Eugenia stipitataArazáArazá
Psidium friedrichsthalianumCasCas
Psidium cattleianumGuayaba rosaGuayaba rosa
Eugenia unifloraPitangaPitanga
Syzygium malaccensisManzana de aguaMalay Apple
Pouteria sapotaZapoteSapote
Manilkara zapotaNíspero zapoteSapodilla Medlar
Synsepalum dulcificumFruta MilagrosaMiraculous Fruit
Punica granatumGranadaPomegranate
Hylocereus costarricensisPitayaPitaya
Quararibea cordataZapote amarilloChupa-Chupa
Artocarpus altilisFruta de panBreadfruit
Theobroma cacaoCacaoCacao
Diospyros blancoiMaboloMabolo
Morinda citrifoliaNoniNoni
Artocarpus heterophyllusJaqueroJackfruit
Citrus japonicaKumquatKumquat
Durio zibethinusDurianDurian
Artocarpus integerChempedakChempedak
Sauropus androgynusKatukKatuk
Moringa oleiferaMoringaMoringa
Citrus hystrixKaffir limeKaffir lime
Cnidoscolus acontifoliusEspinaca de arbol ChicasquilChicasquil tree spinach
Cnidoscolus aconitifoliusChayaChaya
Alpinia galangaGalangalGalangal
Manihot esculentaYucaYuca
Murraya koenigiiArbol de CurryCurry tree
Cananga odorataArbol Ilang IlangYlang-ylang tree
Aloe veraSábilaAloe vera
Chaptalia nutansArnica falsaArnica
Ocimum basilicumAlbahacaBasil
Quassia amaraHombre grandeBitterwood
Sida rhombifolia LEscobillaBroom weed
Justicia pectoralisTiloCarpenter´s brush
Capsicum chinenseChileChile
CecropiaGuarumoCecropia Tree
Cinnamomum verumCanelaCinnamon
Caesalpinia pulcherrimaHoja senDwarf poinciana
Zingiber officinaleJengibreGinger
Cassia fistulaCaña fístulaGolden shower tree
Formerly Hydrocotyle asiaticaCentella asiaticaGotu Kola
Hymenaea courbarilGuapinolGuapinol
Piper auritumHoja de estrellaHoja de estrella
Terminalia catappaAlmendroIndian almond
Neuroloena lobataGavilanaJackass bitters
Lippia albaJuanilamaJuanilama
Cymbopogon citratusZacate de limónLemongrass
Cymbopogon nardusCitronelaCitronela
Chrysopogon zizanioidesPasto VetiverVetiver grass
Kalanchoe pinnataHoja del aireLife everlasting
Mimosa pudicaDormilonaMimosa
Triumfetta semitrilobaMozote de caballoMozote de caballo
Morinda citrifoliaNoniNoni
Lippia graveolens and Origanum vulgareOreganoOregano
Cassia grandisCaraoPink shower tree
Opuntia tuna and Nopalea cochenilliferaTunaPrickly pear cactus
Gliricidia sepiumMadero NegroRat killer tree
Catharanthus roseusMariposillaRose periwinkle
Rosmarinus officinalisRomeroRosemary
Sansevieria trifasciataLengua de suegraSansevieria
Senna ReticulataSaragundíSaragundí
Costus spicatus and C. ruberCaña agriaSpiral flag
Ficus glabrata and F. jimeneziiHiguerónStrangler fig
Tradescantia zebrinaTradescantia zebrinaHoja del milagro
Curcuma longaCúrcumaTurmeric
Yucca guatemalensisItaboYucca
Saccharum officinarumCaña dulceSugarcane


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