Discover edible and medicinal plants in the garden tour

Garden Tour: Discover plants of Tropical Rainforest

Have you heard of miracle fruit or know why it has that name? Chanel Number 5 is one of the world’s best known perfumes, but it´s main ingredient is actually a simple looking flower found right here at Finca Exotica - do you know what it is called? Be prepared for lots of interesting facts about the different fruits, leaves and flowers we grow and eat here and learn about their nutritional and medicinal properties. We intentionally cultivate many plants that can improve your immune system and general quality of life.

Permaculture garden, sustainable farming

Finca Exótica is a sustainable eco lodge built on the foundations of land preservation, organic food production and sustainable building, and we are proud to show you all of this on our garden tour. This is more than just a ¨look and see¨ type of tour. You will learn about many plants and ingredients that you may try later as part of our healthy food,  and you will also be tasting various fruits and herbsand awakening your taste buds to some real, natural, organic delights. This tour is more than just an informative narrative of our plant life and a great photo opportunity. You will also have the rare opportunity to experience this edible garden the smell, touch and tastes of nature.

This tour is a wonderful way to better appreciate the flora at Finca Exotica. You may even see an animal or two along the way! After all, it is not just us humans who take advantage of the scrumptious fruits and herbs we grow here. Resident monkeys, coatis, toucans and iguanas can regularly be seen feasting on nature’s gifts.

Some of our fruits, such as the mangosteen, have very short seasons (just 4-6 weeks). Be quick and get the good stuff before they do! The permaculture garden is also regularly frequented by tanagers, hummingbirds, scarlet macaws, frogs and various other animals native to this region.

So bring your cameras, your curiosity and get ready to discover an Exotic Garden for your Mind, Body and Soul.

If you want to read more about our garden tour, we invite you to check out our blog.

Binomial nameSpanish nameEnglish name
Cocos nuciferaCocoCoconut
Bactris gasipaesPejibayePejibaye
Ananas comosusPiñaPineapple
Musa acuminataBananoBanana
Annona cherimolaAnonaCherimoya
Annona muricataGuanábanaSoursop
Chrysobalanus icacoIcacoIcaco
Averrhoa carambolaCarambolaStarfruit
Averrhoa bilimbiMimbroMimbro
Citrus sppCítricosCitric Fruits
Mangifera indicaMangoMango
Anacardium occidentaleMarañónCashew
Nephelium lappaceumMamón chinoRambután
Garcinia mangostanaMangostánMangosteen
Carica papayaPapayaPapaya
Psidium guajavaGuayabaGuava
Eugenia stipitataArazáArazá
Psidium friedrichsthalianumCasCas
Psidium cattleianumGuayaba rosaGuayaba rosa
Eugenia unifloraPitangaPitanga
Syzygium malaccensisManzana de aguaMalay Apple
Pouteria sapotaZapoteSapote
Manilkara zapotaNíspero zapoteSapodilla Medlar
Synsepalum dulcificumFruta MilagrosaMiraculous Fruit
Punica granatumGranadaPomegranate
Hylocereus costarricensisPitayaPitaya
Quararibea cordataZapote amarilloChupa-Chupa
Artocarpus altilisFruta de panBreadfruit
Theobroma cacaoCacaoCacao
Diospyros blancoiMaboloMabolo
Morinda citrifoliaNoniNoni
Artocarpus heterophyllusJaqueroJackfruit
Citrus japonicaKumquatKumquat
Durio zibethinusDurianDurian
Artocarpus integerChempedakChempedak
Sauropus androgynusKatukKatuk
Moringa oleiferaMoringaMoringa
Citrus hystrixKaffir limeKaffir lime
Cnidoscolus acontifoliusEspinaca de arbol ChicasquilChicasquil tree spinach
Cnidoscolus aconitifoliusChayaChaya
Alpinia galangaGalangalGalangal
Manihot esculentaYucaYuca
Murraya koenigiiArbol de CurryCurry tree
Cananga odorataArbol Ilang IlangYlang-ylang tree
Aloe veraSábilaAloe vera
Chaptalia nutansArnica falsaArnica
Ocimum basilicumAlbahacaBasil
Quassia amaraHombre grandeBitterwood
Sida rhombifolia LEscobillaBroom weed
Justicia pectoralisTiloCarpenter´s brush
Capsicum chinenseChileChile
CecropiaGuarumoCecropia Tree
Cinnamomum verumCanelaCinnamon
Caesalpinia pulcherrimaHoja senDwarf poinciana
Zingiber officinaleJengibreGinger
Cassia fistulaCaña fístulaGolden shower tree
Formerly Hydrocotyle asiaticaCentella asiaticaGotu Kola
Hymenaea courbarilGuapinolGuapinol
Piper auritumHoja de estrellaHoja de estrella
Terminalia catappaAlmendroIndian almond
Neuroloena lobataGavilanaJackass bitters
Lippia albaJuanilamaJuanilama
Cymbopogon citratusZacate de limónLemongrass
Cymbopogon nardusCitronelaCitronela
Chrysopogon zizanioidesPasto VetiverVetiver grass
Kalanchoe pinnataHoja del aireLife everlasting
Mimosa pudicaDormilonaMimosa
Triumfetta semitrilobaMozote de caballoMozote de caballo
Morinda citrifoliaNoniNoni
Lippia graveolens and Origanum vulgareOreganoOregano
Cassia grandisCaraoPink shower tree
Opuntia tuna and Nopalea cochenilliferaTunaPrickly pear cactus
Gliricidia sepiumMadero NegroRat killer tree
Catharanthus roseusMariposillaRose periwinkle
Rosmarinus officinalisRomeroRosemary
Sansevieria trifasciataLengua de suegraSansevieria
Senna ReticulataSaragundíSaragundí
Costus spicatus and C. ruberCaña agriaSpiral flag
Ficus glabrata and F. jimeneziiHiguerónStrangler fig
Tradescantia zebrinaTradescantia zebrinaHoja del milagro
Curcuma longaCúrcumaTurmeric
Yucca guatemalensisItaboYucca
Saccharum officinarumCaña dulceSugarcane