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Getting Here

Getting to Finca Exotica ecolodge

Finca Exotica Eco Lodge is located on Playa Carate, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. The nearest town to us is Puerto Jimenez, a 42km drive away along a scenic drive passing through both jungle and farmland.

Have you organized travel to the Osa yet? If you are looking to come by plane to the Osa Peninsula, you can flight with SANSA.

Check the website or call them on 1-877-767-2672.

With regards to getting here from Puerto Jimenez, you have 3 options:

Colectivo- This is the public bus service (an open backed truck) which leaves twice a day from opposite the supermarket ’96’ in Puerto Jimenez. Ask anyone in town if you can’t find it. It leaves at 6am and 1:30pm. The journey on average takes 2.5-3 hours and costs $10 per person. Tell the driver you are coming to Finca Exotica and he will drop you off right outside. Going back to town, you can pick it up at around 8:30am and 3:30pm from right outside Finca Exotica.

Taxi- This will cost around $80 for a one-way trip. It is quicker and obviously you can choose the time you want to leave town. It’s also much less bumpy than the colectivo! If you would like to come by private taxi, let us know and we shall happily book it for you.

Please note that we DO NOT receive any commission from taxis, therefore the taxi ride is not more expensive if you reserve it with us. Actually, it is usually cheaper. We strongly recommend organizing a taxi through us if this is your preferred method of travel as there is an increasing number of ´illegal´ taxis now on the Osa Peninsula- we do not want to promote this service by giving these pirate drivers work.  The local taxi drivers we use are safe, friendly, and fully licensed.

If you are driving, please only come in a 4×4. Please let us know if you would like to rent a car and we shall recommend you a good company. There are various rivers to cross and for this reason a 4×4 is recommended. The journey takes 1.5-2 hours. Please arrive no later than 5pm- the road is much easier to drive during daylight hours.
There is only one road between Puerto Jimenez and Carate- you just follow the road and look out for our main entrance on the right hand side opposite the beach. Our main entrance is found just before the end of the small airstrip. We offer free parking for all guests.