Authentic tent camp on bambu platforms

Tiki Tent camp

Tiki Camp: the most stylish and comfortable tent camp near Corcovado

If you are dreaming of living in the jungle and communing with nature, no doubt you will love our Tiki Tents.

These are small or large locally handcrafted jungle tents for 2 people, containing either a doble size or 2 twin beds, perfect for couples, singles or friends.

To keep you plenty dry and away from insects and animals, they are placed on wooden platforms and entirely closable. The largest ones also include a front deck with chill out areas, where you can rest, read, or take a nap, in the shadow of palm trees.

Our Tiki Tents are spaciously spread across the garden, providing you the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. We also regrouped a few of them in small camps, perfect for groups or large families desiring to live the full experience together.

You may be sharing a communal bathroom and outdoor shower with all facilities.

Please read is Finca Exotica ecolodge for me!