Outdoor adventure in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica

Wildlife Refuge hiking

Hiking in Saimiri Wildlife Refuge

Hike in and around our 90+ hectare property to primary and secondary rainforest, a cool miniature waterfall with dipping pool, ocean viewpoints, tranquil rivers, remote pristine beaches, lagoons or the garden area. There are various marked rainforest hikes covering over 14 km. within or around Finca Exotica. Whether you are looking for an easy trail or a challenging adventure, our network has something for everyone!

PUMA FALLS 30 minutes round trip

This short secondary forest trail will take you past our chicken coop and yogita meditation platform along our magical onsite stream. Follow the yellow arrows and once you get to the fork, simply turn right and climb the rocks to possibly spot as a puma and the rightly named ´Puma Falls´ miniature waterfall! Head back the same way and up to Casa Grande for a well earned cold fresh juice.

RIDGE HIKE 3 hour loop

Stretch your calves because you will be going up, up and up further still to the Finca Exotica ridge! Hike through pristine primary forests, keeping an eye out for sloths and monkeys in the canopy. Enjoy the various viewpoints along the way and stop for a photo at the mid way viewpoint where you can see both Pejeperro and Pejeperrito lagoons in the distance- and even to Panama border on a clear day. Follow the red arrows along the trail and head left and down at the last red arrow to get back to our garden area.

If you are still wanting more of a hike, don´t go left and down! Continue straight on and enjoy the extended trail taking you on an extended version of the ridge and finishing at the sunset viewpoint behind our beach house area. Expect an extra hour or so to your total hike time if you decide to do the extended version.

SUNSET VIEWPOINT 20 minutes round trip

Simply follow the pink arrows up behind the beach house to a perfect place to enjoy the Pacific sunset with the Corcovado National Park in the distance- A wonderful spot for a pre-dinner drink! Remember to take a flashlight and insect repellent with you.

Enjoy nature: be still, quiet, and look closely. Whether you are a simple observer, bird watcher, or photographer, the nature here will amaze you. The local flora and planted fruit trees attract a huge variety of creatures to the farm, like monkeys, sloths, pumas, scarlet macaws, etc.; the list can go on for pages! Make sure to have your flashlight with red light to spot the sea turtles that you may find nesting on the beach at night.
Please ensure you wear sensible shoes and take care when walking. Make sure you also take along a bottle of water and a flashlight just incase you stay out longer than intended, the jungle is a very interesting place!