Is Finca Exotica for YOU?

If you are excited to connect with nature, then Finca Exotica is the perfect place for you. You will sleep in a mostly open cabin, with only a mosquito net between you and the surrounding paradise (allowing the breeze in), no hot water (none needed) , no Wifi (except at the Beach House, jungle-slow). We like to think of ourselves as a place to ´reconnect´ with nature, bringing ourselves closer to Mother Earth. Being unavailable is a true luxury. If you quite simply cannot live without many of your home comforts, then Carate is not for you.

IF you like hiking and are in good health you will love our ocean view, hillside cabins. If you feel like a staying on ground level, you may prefer garden Cabins. No secrets, you can find many photos and videos of all of our accommodations online to avoid any confusion. We do not recommend tents for guests over 50 years of age. If you are in poor shape, the heat and humidity may be less tolerable, and therefore the Osa Peninsula may not be for you.

IF you like freshly prepared food with many organic, precious ingredients you will appreciate our cuisine. We have lemon grass,turmeric, ginger, gotu kola, cilantro and so many more ingredients grown here right on site. We serve set menus rather than buffets because we trust our compositions and like to avoid excess waste. If you are still hungry after finishing what you have been served, then please let us know and we shall get you more. If you expect big "all you can eat" buffets, then Casa Grande restaurant is not for you.

IF you like to meet new friends, you will enjoy the communal dining at our long table, exchanging stories of the wonders of life. Otherwise
you can of course reserve a private table ahead of time and we will set that up for you. Please respect our technology-free sanctuary. No tablets, computers or e-games, especially after dark. The blue shine in the face makes one look lonely and inaccessible, please turn off. If you do not think that it would be possible to go the evenings without your toy then this is not for you.

IF you are looking forward to an authentic experience in the Tropical Rainforest and meeting wildlife as nature intended, that may include you seeing a cockroach, spider or snake. These animals are all part of the package. Millions and millions of years of evolution have taken us to this point in time here. We will not kill a spider for you because you think it is ´ugly´, they were here before us and we have to respect their space also. You may have phobias, and this is a great
place to get over them. We had a guest who actually came here to overcome those issues and she succeeded within 3 days. If a bug-free vacation is what you are hoping for, then outdoor beach living is not for you.
IF air conditioning-free living does not dampen your spirits, and you can go the days with a luscious tropical breeze passing through your ´home away from home´, you will love our spot. Sometimes you may find no light winds passing through the property in the heat of the day so you can just do what everyone else does, hit the beach and grab a hammock where the great Pacific is always willing to be your personal fan. If on the other hand you do not think that this suits your needs and could not be enjoyed, then humid Southern Costa Rica is not for you.

IF you like meeting local people, you will have the opportunity to do so at the Beach House. This area works as our office, check in area, and also recreational area for staff and guests to share. You can play pool, practice your Spanish, or simply just swing in a hammock and watch the world go by. If you are expecting a ´zero local interaction´ vacation, then our community project is not for you as we come as a team.

IF on the other hand you have read all of this information and you are in agreement with our concepts of living, then we would love to have you here as a guest in our little piece of paradise. We understand that everyone´s concept of ´paradise´ is different and that is fine. We just hope that if your ideas are different to ours, that you realize it before making the journey out here, we are quite literally at the end of the road!

If there is anything you are unclear about, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email and we will happily respond to you as soon as we can. Costa Rica is a wonderful country to explore and we want to make sure your well-earned time away is as perfect as you imagined.

Pura vida