Shamanic ceremony: tips to get the most out of it

In a blog weeks ago, we helped you to break down the myths about shamanic ceremonies. Knocking down myths is the first step in the process. But we do not want to stay there: we want to help you that when you choose to live  shamanic ceremony, you enjoy the experience to the fullest. That is why today we are going to help you with a series of tips so that the healing experience is the maximum. And that’s why here we present the tips to get the most out of the experience of your ceremony.

1. Respect for the ceremony

In the previous blog we spoke with Felipe, from Ikka Casa de Salud, to advise us in the process of the ceremony. In that conversation, the specialist told us about the importance of understanding the ceremony as a process, not as a party. Therefore, the first tip and advice that we give you is that you respect the ceremony. We were emphatic that although there are many people who believe it, the shamanic ceremony is not a party. This is not an experience with plants that make you see colors. The ceremony is a ritual of internal healing to heal and detoxify. Make the body heal from the soul. That’s what the plants are for, to heal. That is why you have to respect the meaning of the ceremony, respect its process and respect the plant you will consume. Understand that it is not a drug or something similar, that it is much more than a plant and that there is a millenary tradition behind it. Only then can you enjoy that healing. Therefore, the tip that is associated with this point of respect is that:

2. Inform yourself to choose the tradition and the process

Felipe told us in the previous blog about the different currents under which the ceremonies are developed. The second fundamental step to take advantage of your experience is that you inform yourself to choose the best one for you. These are millenarian traditions, each one different from the other. We return to the point of the previous blog: not all are Ayahuasca. Inform yourself about your chosen shaman and the tradition from which he develops. Choose wisely is the first step for your body to heal and experience the full experience, from your goal. Then, once this is chosen, the following tip is:

3. I chose a professional shaman

As we have been very emphatic in pointing out, this is not a party. Therefore it is necessary that you choose a shaman who will treat him with the required seriousness. Felipe told us that the ceremony is the extraction of the spirit of a plant for a purpose. This is a process that uses extremely powerful energy, to leave it to anyone. Make sure your shaman is trained and knows what he is doing. The shamanic ceremony is not dangerous, as we pointed out in the previous blog, the dangerous thing is to do it with someone who is not prepared. That is why it seeks professionals who treat the process with the seriousness and respect that the process requires. After that and once you’re ready and scheduled to start:

4. Prepare your body

During the conversation, the specialist also told us how to prepare physically for this experience. You will be approximately 8 hours in this ceremony. As we told you, this is not a game and requires physical preparation for your body to process it properly. For this reason, it is so important that, with the seriousness of the case, the body be prepared for the ceremony. And when we talk about preparing, we do it by referring to the body and the soul. What do we mean by this? To take care of what we introduce to our body before the ceremony. Stay away from harmful eating habits. Stay away from alcohol, high-fat meals, drugs … It is important that you arrive at the ceremony as clean of toxic substances as possible. And that also applies to the mind. Free yourself from stress, from negative energies, from bad vibes. Living the ceremony in the cleanest and freest way possible, is what makes the difference. Thus, your mind will come prepared and ready. Away from any anxious practice, without overload, detoxified … and ready for an experience that will absolutely change the perception of life.

5. Take care of your diet

Felipe also spoke of the importance of, in some cases, submitting to a diet previously suitable to prepare the body for the process. Consult with your shaman what you should eat the days before the meeting, to arrive as smart as possible. Remember that each space is different, according to the plant. Preparing yourself specially makes the difference. The plant will enter your body, it is your duty that it is healthy and prepared for it.

6. Choose a suitable place

A lot of people do the ceremony in the middle of the city, the car horns and the daily hustle and bustle. There you are letting go of the great part of the process. The ceremony must be held in a suitable place, prepared for this. It is a connection with nature and its energy, therefore it is essential that you do it where it should be made. At Finca Exótica Ecolodge we have several spaces adequately conditioned to enhance your experience. Look for some similar ones: that connect you, where nothing distracts you and where you can explore to the maximum the energy of the plant, of the ceremony and also of nature. So, and last but not least:

7. Take your time

Depending on the plant, the process can sometimes be up to 8 hours or more. This is fundamental to understand so that you know that when you live it, you will have to get away from the cell phone, WhatsApp and Skype with customers and partners. The ceremony is a process for yourself, that transcends even the hours of the process. With a night or an extra day to enjoy its benefits in all its power, is when you can enjoy the experience. Therefore, disconnect yourself. Goodbye to the internet, to stress, to the outside world. This is a connection with ourselves. Dedicate your time and prepare for it. Contact us so you can learn more about our events and stay tuned for the connection with you and your soul. More information at: and at    



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