More than a garden: the exotic experience of permaculture

Finca Exótica Ecolodge is a paradise, we have told you several times already. But we do not want you to listen to us alone: ​​we want to tell you about our place, based on the voices of those who have already enjoyed it. Therefore, in this week’s blog, we will start sharing the experience of our friend Riccardo, who visited us from Italy.

The first one we will shared with you is about permaculture at Finca Exótica

Farm through the eyes of Riccardo:

Jodie took us on a tour of the garden of Finca Exotica Ecolodge. A kind of food forest in Permaculture, an edible jungle, with plants and trees that have been planted with a precise intention. Nothing is left to chance and each plant is compatible and preserves the naturalness of the place.

More than a garden, outdoor plants surround this paradise. From some of the plants you can eat the leaves, from others the fruit and from others the root. It is a space that feeds your body and beyond that, also the soul, that is permaculture at Finca Exótica about.

Before starting, in the kitchen he had made some coconuts to drink with a straw. A water rich in all the electrolytes that the body needs. Slightly sparkling here, if you find yourself without water, you can always use a coconut. In this space nature gives you absolutely everything you need.

Inside the garden, the walk  is not only visual: it is also a space to taste fruit and even the leaves of several plants that we find along the way. Some plants are native, others have been imported but here inside everything achieves a magical connection. One of these plants is used as a real salad. Still, many others are enriched with numerous vitamins and substances such as omega 3, 6, etc. We repeat: this magical place has it all, and at Finca they know it, they use many of these plants as ingredients for the meals, salads and even desserts.

You need to try the turmeric tea, prepared fresh every morning !!

The turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow color.  It has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb.  Is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound and Increases the Antioxidant Capacity of the Body, if you want to know more about the turmeric you can read some of the benefits.

Among the species there is also a cinnamon tree. An infusion of cinnamon leaves helps against diarrhea, it is also good to take that note.

The culantro in turn, is also very present. In Costa Rica they put it practically in every dish, salty or sweet and you can not stay without tasting it.

And like this we can keep going for a while, the garden tour takes around 1 hour walking inside the property and listening about all these plants.

* Garden Tour by Benedetta 

Sustainability footprint

The structures around the garden are made of bamboo. It is an exceptional material in this project of permaculture at Finca Exotica. Bamboo is also use for architecture and in ecological building in general. (We will talk about this later, in our next article)

Here at the farm they planted species of flora that are not invasive, in order to adapt them to the purpose of having the construction material, not damaging the environment and generating an open space so that this is not only an edible jungle, but much more. Around February, cutting and harvesting takes place.

Achieving sustainability goals requires careful analysis, a preliminary study and many questions. We must ensure that our needs correspond to the resources available in the environment, without altering their balance, collaborating with nature. That is the way that, they tell us in Finca, they have taken here.

In this way, even the management and maintenance efforts of the implemented solutions are sustainable, functional, solid, but at the same time low impact, or even better completely biodegradable.

The Finca experience is paradise, definitely. Paradise in every way.

The experience awaits you

If you are interest in learning more about permaculture at Finca Exótica, do not hesitate and contact us, we have an upcoming event for you about permaculture, herbalism and movement, you will understand what Riccardo was talking about.

In addition, you can also inform yourself about some other  events here.

Contact us, that Finca Exótica Ecolodge and us, we are waiting for you in paradise.

* Written by Ricardo Edited by Andrea Mora and Finca Exótica.